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The Engagement of Garth & Federico_gay wedding photographer

I was thrilled when Garth & Fede booked me to shoot their wedding this coming October!

Just after the change in the gay marriage law, we talk about the option of an  Engagement Photoshoot …. F&G loved the idea and decided to start with a classic barber shave and chose Room 104 to do so!  It was the 1st time  I saw how this ‘loooong ritual’ works and loved it! Super cool to be there and document it for them… what a great idea they had!!  After that we went around Britomart to shoot some pics…

Here’s their story on how they met crossing a road heading to an event…. and how Garth proposed to Fede in Bali!

One night in August 2006, Garth Hemmingsen from Auckland And Federico Vignola from Argentina but living in auckland, were both crossing the road heading to an event and caught each others eye. Fortunately the boys were both heading to the same venue, and after smiling at each other across the room, Fede built up the courage so say high, and the rest was history.
After the event was over, they saw each other every day. “We ended up living together within a month due to a change of flat mates. It just felt right and as we got on so well together, with similar upbringings and family values it was the perfect fit” said Garth.
A few months later the boys went on their first overseas trip together to Bali. “One night as we were heading back to our hotel room after a romantic dinner at this great little restaurant right on the beach, Garth took me out to this pagoda on a small jetty, and right there under the stars he got down on one knee and proposed” said Federico. “It was really sweet and I instantly said yes”.  It took some time after getting engaged for Garth and Federico to settle on a wedding date.
“With Federico’s parents heading to NZ in October, my friends heading out from the UK and the change in the gay marriage laws, it seemed to make sense for us to tie the knot” said Garth. “We have booked into a great venue on Waiheke and are really looking forward to the day.”