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Kat & Sarah | same sex engagement photos

The  engagement photos of Kat & Sarah – love, love !!!!

I always recommend to have an Engagement Session before Big Day.  I can totally understand when couples feel a bit nervous before their engagement photos or on their wedding day… of course! you don’t have any idea of what to do, where to look, how to pose, etc, etc… so an Engagement is the perfect opportunity to practice, understand how things work and feel comfortable around your photographer.

It was really good meeting the girls prior their E-Session. I had lots of questions for them,  so was great knowing  their story, personalities, which style of images they were after and of course where abouts they wanted to have their photo-shoot.

K&S have just celebrated their 9th Anniversary on the 3rd December:

 “The time has just flown by as we have so much fun together 🙂  We met in 2004 whilst at University in the UK, and have been a happy couple ever since!  A few years ago we came to NZ on holiday to visit some of Sarah’s family who lived here – and then fell in love with the country…we decided to move over here in 2010 and are really happy being new kiwis.”

They  got engaged in Queenstown about 2 years ago – having an amazing holiday down there – they went kayaking on Milford Sound which can imagine was absolutely beautiful and a perfect spot to get engaged!

The wedding will be near Mangawhai which is another special place – they will  have lots of family coming over for the first time from the UK.
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We had and amazing time shooting their Engagment Session! – We had lotssss of fun and was great working together and knowing each other prior the wedding.

Thanks solo much K&S – Im soooo looking forward to shoot your wedding at your amazing Venue!!

Jess x


Janelle & Paul | wedding photography Auckland

Aprox a year ago, I met with Janelle & Paul  @ Auckland CBD to talk about my style of covering wedding photography….  was very happy when they booked me as their wedding photographer!  So here I am a year after, sharing their beautiful photos: from beginning to end. Enjoy!

J&P met through a mutual friend back in 2011.  One year after, Paul proposed to Janelle  while enjoying a sunset over Waiheke Island.

My day started covering the boys at Hotel de Brett…. alway a pleasure to shoot @Hotel de Brett and always fun covering the boys getting ready.   After that,  we went to cover the girls getting ready.  Janelle was looking not only stunning, but also very elegant and classy!  Loved her hair and make up done by Leisa Welch.  Her amazing gown was by Manuel Motta from Modes.

They had their ceremony and reception at Cassels – located in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges.

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Thankssss J&P for choosing Jessica Photography!


Fede & Garth Ceremony | Waiheke weddings

Love, Love shooting Waiheke weddings!  You might recall the Engagement of  Fede & Garth, a very urban photoshoot around Britomart in Auckland CBD.  For their wedding, F&G chose totally the opposite:  beautiful Mudbrick Winyard and Restaurant on Waiheke Island.   They had guests coming from overseas including Fede’s parents and sister who came from Argentina and Garth friends coming from UK.  After their lovely ceremony, which was set up on the rooftop having all the wines as a background,  family and friend had lots of fun during the photo session using an empty frame and props…


gay wedding photographer_001 gay wedding photographer_002 gay wedding photographer_003gay wedding photographer_004gay wedding photographer_008 gay wedding photographer_009 gay wedding photographer_010 gay wedding photographer_011 gay wedding photographer_012