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Kat & Sarah | NZ wedding photographer | Te Arai Coast Lodge

Kat & Sarah –  chose  the amazing Te Arai Coast Lodge for their wedding day. The place is just incredible !!  the girls Googled ‘mid century design venue’ and found it!! –  The house is located somewhere in the middle of Mangawhai Heads, very close to Pakiri Beach.  When we arrived,  K&S + their team of friends were about to start setting up the stunning table, so perfect for us to cover all the preparations.

K&S both originate from the UK, so they  were joined by many friends and family who’d made the long trip over.   A friend jet in from Dubai and of course guests who live here in Auckland.  A lovely part of the day was being joined by their eight nephews and nieces!

For their palette/theme –  K&S decided to choose simply styles and design they liked. They ended up with a natural vibe land lots of whites, pinks and neutral touches.  The flowers gave that burst of colour that they wanted to have.

They did all of the planning themselves  – we’re both project managers by trade so it came quite naturally to us!  We’re also both art graduates so love the opportunity to get back into anything creative!  We did the planning over the course of about a year – starting with our amazing venue and letting that spark ideas and dictate all of the details afterwards.

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I asked them what inspired to decor their beautiful table:

We just had a vision for it!  We wanted it to be social so the long table was a great way to bring everyone together.  We really like vintage tableware so went for cut crystal glasses but simple plates so it wasn’t OTT vintage.  The chair tiebacks were inspired by Pinterest!  And we love lace, so it was great to have touches of that.  We also felt that the lodge itself was such an amazingly beautiful place that we didn’t need to do much else – so the table was always going to be our focal point.

jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_2jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_3jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_4jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_5  

Kat sewed the bunting and made the chair tie backs using fabric from Spotlight!

The name cards (invitations and save the dates) were printed from

The place holders were from

Straws and favour bags from

Sarah handmade the candle holders from old jars that we collected, wrapping them in twine and filling some with sand.

jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_6jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_7jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_8jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_9jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_10jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_11jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_12   FLOWERS:  Florienne, Takapuna   THE GOWNS Sarah’s from Jessica Bridal in Kingsland Kat’s dress from Etsy seller Ting Bridal Kat’s lace top from Etsy seller Leanimal

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Janelle & Paul | wedding photography Auckland

Aprox a year ago, I met with Janelle & Paul  @ Auckland CBD to talk about my style of covering wedding photography….  was very happy when they booked me as their wedding photographer!  So here I am a year after, sharing their beautiful photos: from beginning to end. Enjoy!

J&P met through a mutual friend back in 2011.  One year after, Paul proposed to Janelle  while enjoying a sunset over Waiheke Island.

My day started covering the boys at Hotel de Brett…. alway a pleasure to shoot @Hotel de Brett and always fun covering the boys getting ready.   After that,  we went to cover the girls getting ready.  Janelle was looking not only stunning, but also very elegant and classy!  Loved her hair and make up done by Leisa Welch.  Her amazing gown was by Manuel Motta from Modes.

They had their ceremony and reception at Cassels – located in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges.

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Thankssss J&P for choosing Jessica Photography!