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Renee & Mike | Villa Maria Estate | Auckland wedding photographer

Renee & Mike live in the UK (Im so glad they found me!).   Can imagine how hard it can be to plan your Auckland wedding from overseas.  Renee told me:  “Planning our wedding was so much fun, but really hard from the UK.  Being from a creative background it was really hard but I had to just trust the vendors and hope that everything worked out well! I read lots of reviews and only booked people with the best reviews. Michael and my mum cooked the cake and decorated it together which was a really nice touch. It was lovely coming home and seeing Mike and my mum at the kitchen table making flowers out of icing”.


This lovely couple met through a mutual friend at his ‘pirate themed party’.  “We both hadn’t seen the friend in a long time (I hadn’t seen him since I was 17)  and  we both were the only two not in costume so we naturally chatted to eachother – it was destiny, and we both knew it!” 


For them the best part of their wedding was the morning of their big day.   “I am not an overly emotional person (so she says) but that morning with my two oldest and best friends (who I’d hardly seen as I hadn’t been back in NZ for two years) and my sisters was the time when for me – made it all feel very real. Reading the letter Michael wrote to me and the thoughtful gift made me a little tearful but it was just what I needed ahead of our big special moment. The best part after the wedding was looking through all the photos from the day and seeing everyone again and looking so so very happy.  Knowing he was reading mine at the same time also made me really excited (and I hear he was touched as well. I cried a little, but laughed even more and loved every moment of it.

ps: I also loved seeing Michaels face when I rolled up in that gorgeous car!

Renee  would recommend to other brides two things:

  1. Write a card or note to give your other-half to read on the morning of the wedding, its nice to read someones last thoughts of you before you head off to get married.
  2. Trust those you have chosen, these wonderful makeup artists, venue hosts, photographers and videographers do this all the time – allowing them to be creative and work with you makes everyone happy.

awwwww I’m so loving the idea of writing each other’s  a card! – guys out there planning your wedding: think its a really good one!


They had  56 guests

Their colours were: a million shades of purple and gold.  “Because Im a stickler for things matching I thought intentionally not matching everything makes it a lot easier, and having lots of different shades of purple really helped with that. Our theme was sort of quirky vintage. We named our tables by the surnames of married couples that we are very close to and whom have influenced us in our relationship – we then put their wedding photo on the table. It was great for the reception as everyone was looking at who had their photo and it was an easy conversation starter”.

auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_001 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_002 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_003 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_004 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_005 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_006 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_007 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_008 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_009 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_010 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_011 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_012 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_013 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_014 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_015 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_016 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_017 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_018 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_019 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_020 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_021 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_022 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_023 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_024auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_024b auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_025 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_026 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_027 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_028 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_029 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_030 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_031 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_032 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_033 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_034 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_035 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_036 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_037 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_038 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_039 auckland wedding photography_Villa Maria Winery_040


Venue – Villamaria Winery. Lisa was phenomenal.

Gown – Mori lee (with a lot of alterations, straps, belt etc)

Girls dresses – Monsoon

Boys suits – H&M

Flowers – Ruth Riding

Decoration – We hired from a few places including: When.squirel.met.bear, first scene, insphire. We bought a lot of little bits and painted/decorated them ourselves.


Thanks so much Renee & Mike for sharing your beautiful story.  Wish you all the very best and thankssss again for booking me!


Kat & Sarah | NZ wedding photographer | Te Arai Coast Lodge

Kat & Sarah –  chose  the amazing Te Arai Coast Lodge for their wedding day. The place is just incredible !!  the girls Googled ‘mid century design venue’ and found it!! –  The house is located somewhere in the middle of Mangawhai Heads, very close to Pakiri Beach.  When we arrived,  K&S + their team of friends were about to start setting up the stunning table, so perfect for us to cover all the preparations.

K&S both originate from the UK, so they  were joined by many friends and family who’d made the long trip over.   A friend jet in from Dubai and of course guests who live here in Auckland.  A lovely part of the day was being joined by their eight nephews and nieces!

For their palette/theme –  K&S decided to choose simply styles and design they liked. They ended up with a natural vibe land lots of whites, pinks and neutral touches.  The flowers gave that burst of colour that they wanted to have.

They did all of the planning themselves  – we’re both project managers by trade so it came quite naturally to us!  We’re also both art graduates so love the opportunity to get back into anything creative!  We did the planning over the course of about a year – starting with our amazing venue and letting that spark ideas and dictate all of the details afterwards.

jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_1bjessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_0jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_1

I asked them what inspired to decor their beautiful table:

We just had a vision for it!  We wanted it to be social so the long table was a great way to bring everyone together.  We really like vintage tableware so went for cut crystal glasses but simple plates so it wasn’t OTT vintage.  The chair tiebacks were inspired by Pinterest!  And we love lace, so it was great to have touches of that.  We also felt that the lodge itself was such an amazingly beautiful place that we didn’t need to do much else – so the table was always going to be our focal point.

jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_2jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_3jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_4jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_5  

Kat sewed the bunting and made the chair tie backs using fabric from Spotlight!

The name cards (invitations and save the dates) were printed from

The place holders were from

Straws and favour bags from

Sarah handmade the candle holders from old jars that we collected, wrapping them in twine and filling some with sand.

jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_6jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_7jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_8jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_9jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_10jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_11jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_12   FLOWERS:  Florienne, Takapuna   THE GOWNS Sarah’s from Jessica Bridal in Kingsland Kat’s dress from Etsy seller Ting Bridal Kat’s lace top from Etsy seller Leanimal

auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_001 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_002 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_003 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_004 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_005 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_006 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_007 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_008 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_009 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_010 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_011 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_012 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_013 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_014 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_015 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_016 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_017 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_018 auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_019auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_020auckland wedding photographer_jessica photography_0jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_01 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_02 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_03 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_04 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_05 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_06 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_07 jessica photography_auckland wedding photographer_08

Fede & Garth Ceremony | Waiheke weddings

Love, Love shooting Waiheke weddings!  You might recall the Engagement of  Fede & Garth, a very urban photoshoot around Britomart in Auckland CBD.  For their wedding, F&G chose totally the opposite:  beautiful Mudbrick Winyard and Restaurant on Waiheke Island.   They had guests coming from overseas including Fede’s parents and sister who came from Argentina and Garth friends coming from UK.  After their lovely ceremony, which was set up on the rooftop having all the wines as a background,  family and friend had lots of fun during the photo session using an empty frame and props…


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